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Skilled in using search engines

Google is currently the most powerful search engine, but we need to use it properly to search for the content we want. Here are some commonly used advanced expressions for Google search.

Of course, they are not only applicable to Google, but also to the three major search engines.

"search content"

The search content will not be split.

Common use: Find videos by code, those who know, know.

2. Search for corresponding file formats#

search content:file extension

Common use: Used to find materials in a fixed format.

keyword site:website

Common use: Some site's search function is not very good, you can use this method to retrieve content.

4. Must have (or exclude) specified content#

+specified content (must have the content)
-specified content (must not have the content)

Common use: I want to see a but a contains part of b, I need to remove b.

Press the / key on the keyboard on the search results page to quickly return to the search bar.
Common use: Not useful.

6. Lock the search scope#


Common use: To some extent, prevent interference from content farms.

Search for websites with titles containing the keyword.

Using Google search for free nodes*
Take it if you need it, friends who don't need it don't need to read this part.

Search for the following content using Google:


Click on a link (usually the first one), when you see the following interface, it means that Google has crawled the free nodes.
![[Pasted image 20230115130931.png]]
Take this link as an example, add ? after proxies, and you can choose parameters to filter the nodes.
Concatenate each parameter with &, and separate multiple options of the same parameter with ,

Optional parameters
c=country (HK, TW, KR, JP, US, etc.)
type=node type (ss, ssr, vmess, trojan, etc.)
speed=speed (number) The node pool must have speed measurement function to be effective.

For example, if I want nodes from Taiwan and Hong Kong, vmess and ss types, with a speed of over 30MB, it is represented like this:,HK&type=ss,vmess&speed=30

Since not all clients can use this link, after filtering, copy the link you filtered, and then use the following website for node conversion, choose the client you are using for node conversion.
ACL4SSR Online Subscription Conversion (

GitHub provides a convenient way to search, which can be limited to search only in repository titles, programming languages, descriptions, README, etc.

Search by repository name, description, readme#

in:name keyword

Search for repositories with keyword in the repository name.

in:description keyword

Search for content with keyword in the description.

in:readme keyword

Search for content with keyword in the README file.

Search by star or fork count#

stars:>number keyword

Indicates searching for projects with a star count greater than number and containing keyword.
If you need to search by fork count, replace star with fork in the expression.

Search by repository update time#

pushed:>date keyword

Indicates projects that are still being updated after date and contain keyword.
The format of date is year-month-day, such as 2023-04-24.

Search by repository programming language#

language:programming language keyword

Indicates projects with the main programming language as programming language and containing keyword.

Search by repository license#

license:license name keyword

Indicates repositories with the license as license name and containing the keyword.

Search by repository owner#

user:name keyword

Indicates repositories with the owner as name and containing the keyword.

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